The sun don't shine on soggy nuts.

No Nuts: The Film

We join No Nuts in financial crisis as campers and counselors attempt to film a TV commercial in a last-ditch effort to save their beloved peanut-free haven from closing its doors forever. However, mysterious intruders, who look eerily like younger versions of head counselors Walt and Sidney, show up and have different plans. Nuts.



Read below for a word on No Nuts style and theme from our director, Iara Rachel!


Nuts are a metaphor for love.

“No Nuts” dives into the scary unknown when accepting love into your life. The style of “No Nuts” visualizes those surreal moments, brought to the screen by our Production Designer, Kaitlyn Robertson, Director of Photography, Eliot Grigo, Costume Designer, Alexandra Georgette Koskoris and Director, Iara Rachel.

When falling in or out of love, there is a huge fear of the unknown and projections of how you may or may not mess it up. The film embodies this rollercoaster of emotions through color, set design, and shot composition.

In the film, the younger versions of Sidney and Walt carry peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, offering their tasty love to their older selves, making purple and brown the core colors. The core colors alongside background colors like yellow, green, orange, turquoise, and tan correspond to each character’s internal emotions and/or instinctual habits in relation to the scene.

The set design subtly calls back to camp-style filmmaking, blowing our two protagonists’ emotions out of proportion. This is visualized in the opening two scenes with the Nutty Confession Shack, a shack built at Camp No Nuts to represent a place where you can completely be yourself and vulnerable. The interior shack is spacious yet intimate in lighting, decor, and paintings made by the young people from our workshop. Contrastly, the exterior shack is wobbly and teeny-tiny, just like the vulnerability of whoever is inside.

The wide shots enhance Sidney’s vulnerable state, close-ups highlight the intimate moments, dolly shots take us into the minds of our two protagonists, and the foreground and background accentuates the feeling of being watched by all the nut-less (love-less) campers and camp co-directors.  

Filming on digital gave our team more time to explain technical elements to any young person or less experienced crew members involved. This is directly related to our proof-of-concept workshop and short film idea with “No Nuts” to provide an opportunity for young people in the community to shadow real film professionals and learn what it takes to run and act on a film set.